Common false beliefs about tracking your vehicles

Common false beliefs about tracking your vehicles

If you are thinking about using vehicle tracking for your fleet, we can help with our expert tracker rental. It is a common occurrence that people believe trackers are not worth the investment. Some are put off by the idea that staff won’t like you using them. But, many of the top reasons that people tend to state for putting off installing trackers are actually false. By learning the truth below and getting the right information, you will be able to soon enjoy the benefits that come with tracking your vehicles.

“It isn’t inaccurate”

This simply is not true. Modern trackers for vehicles use GPS (the Global Positioning System). This is able to pinpoint the location of a vehicle within a few metres. As a result, you can track them precisely with ease wherever they are in the UK, Europe, and further afield.

“There are huge software upgrades”

With the modern systems for tracking, data goes to the cloud. The majority of systems will let you log in to access the relevant information from a simple web browser. Then, you can see where all your vehicles are. You can also use a smart phone, giving you even more access for true convenience.

“Tracking costs a lot of money”

Chances are you will end up saving money by investing in tracking – even more than you initially spent. This comes from ensuring people take efficient routes, leading to less fuel being consumed. The tracking can also ensure more productive vehicle use and fewer claims for overtime.

“Staff won’t feel trusted”

Tracking a vehicle isn’t just about monitoring the behaviour of drivers. Other benefits include ensuring operational efficiency as you can make sure people are taking the most efficient routes. Drivers will feel safer, something which is especially important for operatives on their own.

In addition to this, trackers can reduce administration tasks. The data will mean drivers do not need to complete timesheets to show their hours.

Overall, both you and your staff driving vehicles will see the benefits of the trackers. As a result they should be something you seriously consider using.

Talk to us about tracker rental

If you have an interest in trackers, you are in the right place. Take a look at our online shop to see the great products we have available. We have options to suit various needs and provide lots of support services too.

You can get in touch if you ever want to speak to us about our work. If you are worried about the cost of using trackers, we can tell you all about our tracker rental. It is a great option and suitable for various budgets.

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