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We have an ultra-responsive team here at Bluhuski who will address and look to resolve any issue you may encounter as quickly as possible.

HD Footage

We stunt covert camera devices in which you can capture film in stunning HD quality to record ultimate footage.


The GPS Tracking devices we use are unbelievably accurate and can be used in over 119 countries worldwide.


Bluhuski offer products at an affordable price for the highest grade technology across the industry. Keep a look out for sales & packages!


Bluhuski will always provide a refund for an unwanted product if it is unused and returned within 7 days!


Download our BluApp with GPS devices. The App is so powerful you could see your subject moving as they walk down the street.
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A bit about us...

At Bluhuski we strive to provide the UK with devices that are not in every corner store. We boast covert camera and listening devices that 99.9% of people wouldn’t blink an eyelid at being anything other than a smoke detector or a coffee cup. As well as this we pride ourselves on security. Whether it be surveillance around your company building or a GPS tracker on your child’s new bicycle we know how it feels to have that security and be able to rest with your mind at ease.

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