Monthly Archives - July 2020

What are the laws for covert cameras in the UK?

There are lots of covert cameras and audio bugs you can use to discreetly record video and audio. These products can help businesses and private individuals to improve safety and security. However, you must be clear on the laws in regards to these devices. If you fail to do this, you could face prosecution. You could also find that the evidence you collect is inadmissible. (more…)


How can you improve your data connection?

A bad connection and loss of service is probably the worst thing about owning a mobile phone. No matter how new your device is, if the service carrier has issues, you will lose service. This can cause lots of problems, especially if it is a business line that you need to be available 24/7. A good solution may be to use a multi-network data SIM. This can give you the chance to automatically switch to another open network if one goes offline. (more…)