Using trackers to improve your insurance

Using trackers to improve your insurance

Bluhuski is a unique company that benefits from experience in private investigation as well as the military. Today, you can find us supplying some of the finest tracker hire services in the UK. They are the perfect devices to use if you are struggling to keep your eyes on vehicles, tech, or other assets.

There is no doubt that there have been massive revolutions in security and car technology. Despite this, thefts still happen quite often. Introducing a tracking gadget to a vehicle is one of the best ways of keeping everything secure. Thanks to contemporary technology, it is also cheaper than it has been in the past.

There is another reason why you will want to invest in tracking technology. This would be insurance. Trackers are capable of lowering your premiums. Numerous insurance establishments shall provide a discount for vehicles that have the extra protection. With a tracker it is easier to recover a vehicle, potentially saving the insurer from having to pay out in the event of a theft. So, when a car has tracking, it is a major benefit to you and the insurer.

A tracker that pays for itself

Potentially, it is possible for the tracker to pay for itself. It might not take long for the savings on your monthly premium to cover the cost of the tracker.

Important things to note

After hearing this, it all sounds like a win-win situation. The primary red flag is that everything depends on the make of car you own. A high value car has more of a chance to benefit from insurance premium discounts. Certain insurers can also be specific about the tracker brands they accept. Furthermore, there are insurers who insist on drivers installing trackers beforehand. This shall depend on the type/value of your vehicle. Prior to signing up, it is always a good idea to discuss details with the insurer first.

Come to us for tracker hire

At Bluhuski, we provide trackers that are affordable and the highest quality. Our customer support team is one of the most skilful in the industry as well. They are extremely responsive, meaning they will attend to your problems rapidly.

If you would like our help in the future, whether it is to arrange tracker hire or to buy one outright, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you choose the right device for you.

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