What are the laws for covert cameras in the UK?

What are the laws for covert cameras in the UK?

There are lots of covert cameras and audio bugs you can use to discreetly record video and audio. These products can help businesses and private individuals to improve safety and security. However, you must be clear on the laws in regards to these devices. If you fail to do this, you could face prosecution. You could also find that the evidence you collect is inadmissible.

The law in the UK is quite clear on what you can and can’t do. For example, you cannot infringe upon the reasonable privacy of an individual. You also need to take care in terms of data protection. The following are some of the most important legal requirements to keep in mind.

Private areas

It is against the law to have cameras, whether visible or covert, in private areas like toilets and changing rooms. You must respect the right to privacy in these spaces. If there is an issue with illegal activity here, you can get permission from the police to use cameras. However, people must be aware that recording is taking place.

Public CCTV

There are lots of rules regarding recording in public. As most people know, it is not illegal to record in a public place. However, it is against the law to record conversations between members of the public. Signs should be in place if the system you use records any sound. In addition, you must register the system with the ICO.

Retaining information

Whether it is covert cameras, audio bugs, or visible CCTV, you have an obligation to only retain the recordings for a reasonable length of time. That means they should not be held for a long time unless there is an investigation.

Releasing information

It is illegal to release any recording for entertainment purposes. The recordings should also never be given to a third party. The only time this is acceptable is when there is a legal investigation.


People have a responsibility to only use cameras and audio recording equipment when it is necessary. As a result, they should monitor the situation and review if they need to be doing what they are. They should also be thinking about if the loss of privacy is still necessary.

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