Surprising ways to hide an audio bug

Surprising ways to hide an audio bug

High tech listening devices come in an amazing array of shapes and sizes. In fact, there are plenty of surprising products that you would not suspect of being an audio bug. If you are looking to discreetly record audio, one of these options could be exactly what you are looking for.

Car key fobs

It is quite common to see people put their car keys down on a desk or table. However, it might actually be a powerful listening device rather than a key. They look exactly like electronic fobs so it is unlikely anyone would notice that you are recording.


Another item that doesn’t look out of place on a desk or table is a pen. While it might seem like this kind of bug is something you would only find in a spy movie, there are some really good models available. They look just like any ordinary pen. As a result nobody would be surprised to see them and think you are recording. You can also easily put one in your pocket to keep recording on the movie.

Phone docks

Some audio bugs need to plug into the mains for their power. What better way to hide them than to disguise them as a regular dock for charging phones. They can include sensitive microphones and also charge phones so nobody would suspect them.

Plug sockets

You will likely find at least one plug socket in every single room you enter. They are so common that people pay very little attention to them until they need to plug something in. The sockets are so generic that most people would be surprised to find out there are models that include a bug. They work like normal sockets but allow people to record audio.

Other products

There are plenty of other products that you would never suspect of being listening devices. For example you can buy air fresheners, calculators, and even notebooks. The smallest bugs can fit in credit cards, so you can carry it with you in a wallet or purse and leave it to record anywhere.

Order an audio bug today

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