How does a vehicle tracker work?

How does a vehicle tracker work?

GPS technology is better than ever and can offer more reliable support. Whether you are a business owner with a fleet or a private individual, you can use the tech to protect your vehicles. It is simple to install a vehicle tracker and then you can keep track of it even if you are the victim of a theft.

While many people know about all the benefits of GPS trackers, not everyone knows how they work. We want to take a look at this so you know a little more about the devices.


Trackers can effectively determine the location of a vehicle. Some models work continuously so you can always find out this information and other useful data such as the speed. Other systems keep a record that you can access later.

Whatever type of system it is, all GPS trackers work a similar way. They send a signal to satellites that bounces back to reveal the location. To ensure accuracy, the system uses a technique called trilateration. This can get a better idea of the where a vehicle is by calculating the distance to three satellites.

Most modern trackers use GPS but some still rely on radio. While this has a shorter range, it is the best option for locations where the GPS coverage is poor.

Power sources

One of the most important things to think about is what power source the vehicle tracker will use. There are several options here, offering more choice for users. The first option is battery power. These are the most flexible because you can put them anywhere on the vehicle. This is especially good if you don’t want anyone to know the device is there.

Another option is to have a tracker that plugs into the onboard diagnostics connector. The system will get its power from here and can remain quite hidden under the dashboard.

The final option is a system that plugs into an accessory socket. These get their power from the battery. They are the easiest to install but also the most visible. There is also the fact that they will continue to draw power when you are not driving so you could risk a flat battery if you are not careful.

Order a vehicle tracker today

If you want to be able to locate a vehicle quickly and effectively, choose a quality tracker. The right system will let you see the location of vehicles on a computer, laptop, or smart phone.

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