iPhone Case FAQ

We ship our tracking devices with charge in them so you can see the unit on its journey to your door by utilizing the tracking panel http://www.mytrackingpanel.com/BLUHUSKI/ or one of our smart phone apps. Upon arrival we recommend you give your new Bluhuski tracking device a full charge. The Bluhuski tracking device will have 100 Position credits and these are used when the tracker moves, using 1 credit every time the unit reports, if you ask the unit to report every 5 minutes for example you will use 12 positions in 1 hour. The unit will also have 25 SIM credits, they allow you to send COMMANDS to the unit, such as when you change the reporting time or you program the tracking panel to alert you via text message. You can either opt for buying positions and SIM credits as required or take advantage of our UNLIMITED plans that can be bought as 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or for best value 12 months, our UNLIMITED plans give both positions and SIM credits.

You can view your Bluhuski iPhone GPS tracking device on any number of devices at any time from any global location.

The tracking panel is mapping software that allows you to locate your Bluhuski iPhone GPS tracking device, watch it moving, change settings, view and download history of the selected device. When using a windows device please go to http://www.mytrackingpanel.com/BLUHUSKI/ or click the LOGIN link on our website, you can also download our easy to use FREE smartphone APPS by clicking the links on our website or searching “BLUHUSKI” in the relevant APP store.

Bluhuski iPhone GPS tracking devices all have a Geo-fence feature which will identify and trigger an alarm when the tracker enters or leaves a geographical area drawn by the user within the tracking panel. The alarm is displayed on the tracking panel and an alert text message can be sent to up to 4 predefined mobile numbers. They are also used to help protect vulnerable people, if they leave a Geo-fence zone, you will be notified.

The GPS tracking panel stores previous journeys that the Bluhuski iPhone GPS case has made whilst on foot or by any other mode of transport. The history will show clear start and stop locations, including time in position and speed at time of location report marker. The history information can be exported into an excel spreadsheet if required.