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    PV-900 HD Spy Phone

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    PV900 HD spy mobile phone.

    It is without doubt one of our most successful products and it’s quite easy to see why.

    To look at, the PV900 HD looks just like a Sony Ericsson mobile phone but it is packed with high tech covert surveillance features such as time/date stamping and motion detection.

    £416.62 ex.Vat | £499.94 inc.VAT
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    GPS tracker

    GPS Tracker – Prime 1300mAh

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    • Your GPS tracker arrives at your door completely ready to use with a SIM card installed and configured to your own GPS tracking panel.
    • PAYG tracking.
    • Water resistant.
    • Records full GPS history for all journeys, showing addresses of locations visited and time spent at locations.
    • View and track your GPS tracker in real time, from your own Desktop, iPhone or Android GPS tracking panel.
    • All Apps for iPhones/iPads and Android devices are FREE to download.
    • Used by Surveillance professionals and Private investigators worldwide.
    • Used by Carers and family’s
    • Geo fencing (Perimeter alert), SMS Safety alerts, SMS Movement alerts and Warnings.
    • SOS alert button, Alert a designated number (Carer, Spouse, Mother, Father) via SMS.