GPS Trackers for employees

  • Hard Wire GPS Tracker for vehicles

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    This simple small box from Bluhuski GPS tracking solutions allows you to connect it via 12/24v to a vehicle within minutes and enjoy live GPS tracking. No Complications and no requirements for you to open it or place a sim card inside. All our devices will work in 196 countries with no roaming charges.

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    GPS tracker

    GPS Tracker – Prime 2

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    • Free U.K. delivery
    • Your GPS tracker arrives at your door completely ready to use with a SIM card installed and configured to your own GPS tracking panel.
    • PAYG tracking.
    • Water resistant.
    • Records full GPS history for all journeys, showing addresses of locations visited and time spent at locations.
    • View and track your GPS tracker in real time, from your own Desktop, iPhone or Android GPS tracking panel.
    • All Apps for iPhones/iPads and Android devices are FREE to download.
    • Used by Surveillance professionals and Private investigators worldwide.
    • Used by Carers and family’s
    • Geo fencing (Perimeter alert), SMS Safety alerts, SMS Movement alerts and Warnings.
    • SOS alert button, Alert a designated number (Carer, Spouse, Mother, Father) via SMS.